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"We believe family, friends and community are the foundation of happiness. SteelBerry exists to honor this belief by helping people make a difference in their world. Your stories are our story." Jeff Cooper, President

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    Corporate Resposibility

    At SteelBerry we recognize that our products and business practices have an impact on the environment and society. Our ongoing goal is to that make sure that impact is positive and at the same time our marketing promotes a future where all businesses can effectively do the same.
    GIVING BACK: SteelBerry donates 5% of our pre-tax profits to social and environmental causes.
    AT HOME: We use recycled and chlorine free paper whenever possible and encourage our customers to e-mail orders to avoid fax and mailing. To reduce our printing needs we market primarily through web, phone, e-mail, personal calls and trade show communication. We also focus on using recycled and biodegradable shipping and packing materials.
    OUTSIDE THE OFFICE: Each time any of us fly we purchase carbon credits to offset the negative environmental impact of our trip. It doesn't cost much but every little bit makes a big difference.
    OUR PRODUCTS: Our products are competitively priced with good quality. To meet all of our customers needs we offer a variety of options including environmentally friendly, USA Made, custom made, and budget conscious options.

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