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Help Kids Grow

Help Kids Grow


Help Kids Grow is the charitable giving arm of SteelBerry. Each year we support a number of kids oriented initiatives and events.
Q. What does Help Kids Grow do?
A. We donate 10% of our annual net profit here at SteelBerry at the end of each year to initiatives that benefit children.
Q. Why is this important?
A. Steelberry is a company that believes in creating memories. We believe in the old expression “give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach that man to fish and feed him for a lifetime” Keeping this in mind, we look to support kids who are looking to improve their lives but need a helping hand. SteelBerry is more than just a company to us, it is a way we can reach out into the communities around us and leave them slightly better than we found them.
Q. How did SteelBerry help kids prior to the Help Kids Grow program?
A. Since the inception of SteelBerry we have helped various kids organizations through donations and through our fundraising items and events. Help Kids Grow is our way of formalizing our charitable giving so that organizations know how to contact us for possible support.

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