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"We believe family, friends and community are the foundation of happiness. We honor this belief by creating keepsakes for a lifetime of memories." Jeff Cooper, President

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    MISSION STATEMENT: Create great products and services that help people celebrate and remember important memories of their life. Build a dynamic successful fun company while supporting society and the environment. -SteelBerry

    HISTORY: In 1974 SteelBerry began as a thought of David Cooper. David was the proud father of four young children, four active, young children that is. His kids participated on all the local sports teams keeping the family busy year round. A sport for every season, David enjoyed watching every game from baseball to hockey; however, he began to notice a consistent problem that detracted from all the parents’ enjoyment of their kids’ sports. Spirit items were always a problem for every team. Parents wanted their kids to have things like team t-shirts, trading pins, and other memorabilia, but they either were unable to find a place that provided what they needed or ended up paying too much money and not being happy with the product.

    In 1975, David Cooper started a small business to meet a demand for products in his local athletic market. Dave knew what products the organizations needed, but had trouble finding and obtaining those items at fair prices. He kept at it. The business was about hard work, diligence, sportsmanship, and fun. It was company that “treated people the way you wanted to be treated.” Most of the items Dave produced in those early days were used as souvenirs at events or as awards for competitions, tournaments and championships. Not to be left out, his children would even help him by selling items in his booth at events. His favorite product, and consequently his most popular item, was the team trading pin. He enjoyed watching the excitement teams had on receiving their pins, seeing other teams’ pins, and how the trading of those small objects brought the kids from many different communities together.

    Today you will find Dave’s son Jeff at the helm of SteelBerry. Jeff got involved in the industry after his career as a professional hockey player. As a child, Jeff enjoyed his father’s business, but had never really given it consideration. As fate would have it, he found himself working in the industry. Although he enjoyed his work there was something missing. He recognized that companies specialized in either custom or personalized gift items, but not both. He also recognized that most companies primary purpose was to sell product without much regard for care of their customers. With those realities and a desire to make a difference Jeff decided to go into business for himself. He had everything in order, but was missing a name. It was hard to have a name that he felt fit the company. It needed to show the duality of quality and fun of the company. Jeff wanted his business to also follow the principle of “treat people the way you wanted to be treated.” He cares about others around him and wants work to be fun. He does not want work to be separate from your personal life, he wants it to be something you love and enjoy doing everyday.

    In search of a company name, Jeff began to toy around with random word generators online. The first word he got was “steel.” He then clicked again and got the word “berry.” He paused. That was an interesting combination, SteelBerry. It just worked. It had strength but was playful. It insinuated the integrity, quality, and personality of the company. Thus, SteelBerry was born. Since its inception, SteelBerry has been hard at work pleasing its customers and building customer relationships.

    Jeff is proud that the company today is still a business that cares about people. There is a sense of community which enables Jeff to perpetuate Dave's original business ethic which is to "treat people the way you want to be treated". For SteelBerry its about the people, the quality and whether it is an employee, supplier or customer, he feels that an approach that does right by everyone ultimately brings success.

    STEELBERRY PHILOSOPHIES IN PRACTICE: At Steelberry we recognize that our products and business practices have an impact on the environment and society. Our ongoing goal is to make sure that impact is positive. We do not want to keep our professional lives and our personal lives separate. The values with live by should be the values we work by. SteelBerry is proud to provide the products for numerous occasions and help provide solutions to organizations to help them use SteelBerry products in the best way for them. As we help our customer invest in their employees and players, we invest in our future through the following programs:

    GIVING BACK: Steelberry donates 5% of our pre-tax profits to social and environmental causes.

    AT HOME: We use recycled and chlorine free paper whenever possible and encourage our customer to e-mail orders to avoid faxing or mailing. We try to make our business processes green. SteelBerry, also, consistently has fun around the office. Staff lunches and dinners are had to celebrate the various success and special occasions of the employees. Schedules are flexible for employees to accommodate whatever life throws at them.

    OUTSIDE THE OFFICE: Each time any of us flies we purchase carbon credits to offset the negative environmental impact of our trip. Staying true to values has helped us create a company we are proud of. We look forward to working with you today, tomorrow and far into the future.

    Staying true to our values has helped us create a company we are proud of. We look forward to working with you and creating a lasting relationship built on service, quality, and community.

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