Custom Ornament Fundraiser

Steelberry Ornament Fundraising is the ultimate answer to your fundraising needs. With years of creating amazing custom and decorated ornaments, paired with our amazing fundraising skills will set you up for a success in no time. Call 1-866-727-9811 or fill out the form to the right to be in contact with a fundraising specialist.

Keys to Running a Successful Fundraiser.

  • Contact us at Steelberry to get the process started. It it is always best to reach out if you do not know where to begin your fundraiser. We are the experts, we have been creating beautiful ornaments for years. Contact one our of ornament experts and be amazed at how easy we make it for you. Once you have contacted a Steelberry ornament expert discuss with them the following information

    • Date when the ornaments will need to be delivered by. -- This helps us decide what types of ornaments to direct your attention to. If you only have have a month get the ornaments in the hands of your customers then we will need to choose an ornament that can be made in about 2 weeks so you will time to pre-sell to your ornaments and for us to deliver in time.

    • Budget. We know you are short on funds, and that is apart of the reason you are fundraising with us at Steelberry. So we are not going to break the bank and blow your budget. We always try our best to make you an amazing ornaments that fits into your budget. So if you have a budget, let us know right away so we do not get your heart set on something your wallet won't like.

    Stop wasting your time and get your fundraiser started today with Steelberry.